IT Services

HIS is the most wide-ranging of application software, which addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals. HIS by Globex provides the winning combination of all the factors like seamlessly manage the operations involved, work response should be in a cohesive manner and strategies, which work behind any good system to the health service providers. heightened care settings are required to provide prompt service to the patients, this fact calls for formalized and predetermined sets of methods to be followed in the Hospital more efficiently and effectively by extending the services to more number of patients.

HIS Modules and Features for Mid Size Hospital

  • Help Desk
  • Medical Records
  • Front Office
  • Ward Management
  • Radiology
  • Billing
  • Pharmacy
  • User Manager
  • Registration
  • Out Patient Management
  • In Patient Management
  • Room Management
  • Laboratory
  • Central Store
  • Financial Accounting
  • MIS Reports
G-School is the School Management software including modules are Student, Employee, Parents, School Admin, Hostel, Transportation, Inventory and CCE Examination solutions.

School Modules and Features for Primary, Secondary and Institutes.

  • Administration
  • Student
  • Employee
  • Parents
  • Hostel
  • Transportation
  • Attendance
  • Inventory
  • CCE Examination
  • Email & SMS System