Microsoft Tech

Microsoft Visual Studio

It is the second major area where we specialize in with correspondent percentage of about 30% of projects in this sector. In fact, .NET technology is chasing Java J2EE quite closely and in some parts is more efficient than it. Very tight integration of that technology with Windows operating system brings additional value to clients.

Microsoft SQL Server

Globex deploys an experienced team of SQL Server consultants within our Microsoft Practice and focuses on ensuring that our client's mission critical systems are performing to optimal capacity. Working with numerous clients across many market sectors, we deliver complete SQL Server solutions on both an ad-hoc and project basis. One of our core strengths is our ability to provide ongoing support of databases and applications, both remotely and onsite.

Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Take advantage of our skills and get your own custom tool which will enhance your SharePoint platform. We are ready to develop anything from simple module to complex enterprise portal or intranet, with special search tools, document circulation system, customer relation management system, advanced financial applications, tracking tools, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our services in Microsoft Dynamics development include: Consulting: Integration of any system is a very serious step requiring serious thinking. We are ready to go deeply into your business details and offer you the most effective solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation and adjustment: To make your CRM as effective as possible we can involve professional designers to configure special UI settings and create custom functional - search, traking, modules. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics software into your systems: We can make them more productive via adding some Microsoft Dynamics features. In case you are ready to make changes into your business processes and save time while working, consider our offer.

Sun Technologies

Microsoft Visual Studio

The J2EE/Java skills set of our programmers include an extensive list of products and technologies.
Java Technologies:
J2EE Technologies:

Client/Desktop Applications:
HTML/ XHTML, JavaScript, Applet, J2ME, J2SE, SWING, SWT, Eclipse RCP, Macromedia Flex, ActiveX

Web Servers & Application Servers:
Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Geronimo, IBM WebSphere

Ntegration & Collaboration Tools:
JMS, JCA connectors, JDBC, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Workplace

Web Services:

Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, Interbase, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL

Emerging Technologies:
AJAX, Autonomic Computing, Blogs, BPEL4WS, GRID, J9 JVM, LAMP, ODC Framework (OBF), Process Choreographer and BPEL, RFID, WCT/RCP Technologies, WiKi, XForms.

Adobe Technologies

The Adobe skills set of our programmers include an extensive list of products and technologies.

ColdFusion Technologies:
Tools, Language and libraries: ColdFusion MX 8, CFC, CFML and scripting language Framework and APIs: Firebox, Model Glue, ColdSpring. IDE (Integrated Development Environment): Dreamweaver 8, HomeSite, Eclipse (cfEclipse).

Flex Technologies:
Tools, Language and Services: Flash, Flex Builder 3, Flex Charting Adobe Air and ActionScript, Cairngorm and Granite data services.

We have software professionals with expertise in the Quark technologies. Tools and plugins.